About Bonnie Levron

The camera is probably the most popular gadget ever created to date. Every single cell phone on the face of the earth is equipped with one, turning essentially every one into cameraman. The camera is indeed a very common and important tool in many fields and aspects of our life and yet, only few people are truly engaged in the art of photography.


Photography as it is in my opinion is a type of art, an art which is engaged in capturing singular events and visions that surround us and depicting them on still forms. It is only then that our preoccupied mind will be able to appreciate and conceive the beauty of these apparently unnoticeable realities.


The artistic talent of a photographer is expressed by his ability to convey to the observer the spirit and emotions wrapped within a particular scene by composing timing, frame and the camera`s light manipulation properties together. The result will be a momentary symphony of interlocking colors and emotions that will flash in one`s mind.


My passion for photography started less than ten years ago when I was invited by a friend to a photography session with a group of armature photographers led by a professional mentor. Before too long I realized that there is no cure for this passion.


I have created this website in order to be able to share my photography archive with the entire world population and especially with other enthusiasts like me from all around the globe.


So relax and enjoy the show…. if by chance one of my photos captured your eyes and heart you may order it through the web.